Textmate theme to Notepad++ styler

Textmate theme to Notepad++ styler is a program that tries to translate Textmate themes ( .tmTheme ) into Notepad++ style ( styler.xml ).

Paste the Textmate tmTheme file below:

Complete support languages

The languages below are perfectly styled for the Notepad++ highlingting expressions:
ActionScript, ASP, Batch, C#, C++, C, CSS, Dos, HTML, INI File, Java, Javascript, Matlab, Pascal, PHP, Properties file, RC, SQL, TCL, VBS, XML.

Incomplete support languages

These languages just work: Ada, Assembler, AutoIt, Bash, Caml, CMakeFile, Diff, Fortran, Haskell, InnoSetup, KiXtart, Lisp, Lua, Makefile, NSIS, Objective-C, Perl, Postscript, Python, Ruby, Smalltalk, TeX, Verilog, VHDL. It's possible and probable that sometime it will print something in black foreground. If this happen, contact me with the Language and the Code you used.

Known bugs

Version history

alpha-4 @ 2008.11.20

Nice! I've created a color manipulation class, which means I'm really close to enable tmThemes alpha into stylers.xml. For now, I've fixed strange selections and lineHighlight.

alpha-3 @ 2008.11.19

Someone asked me if I could add support for Smart Highlighting in the theme conversion and the answer is: Yes, I can. Actually I've just did that. Unfortunately, Notepad++ isn't accepting the new styles from the stylers.xml. They are: Smart HighLighting, Incremental highlight all, Tags match highlighting, Tags attribute, Active tab focused indicator, Active tab unfocused indicator, Active tab text and Inactive tabs.

I hope someone (maybe Don Ho?) could explain it 'cause I can't. The odd thing is that even if stylers.xml is set right with a color, when I open the Styler Configurator within NP++ it shows a different color for the option. Sad thing...

Updated: Ok, I just noticed that Notepad++ 5.1.1 is not looking for the stylers.xml in the %APPDATA%/Notepad++ but at Program Files.

alpha-2 @ 2008.09.16

Additional support for Perl, but it's still incomplete. (Couldn't find POD, LongDesc and Error yet ... )

alpha-1 @ 2008.07.14

This is my first attempt to achieve the purposed goal.

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